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Welcome to diabeticslifeinsurance.org

Welcome to DiabeticsLifeInsurance.org, the experts in handling all of your diabetic life insurance needs.

If you’ve had trouble getting life insurance due to your diabetes, you’re in the right place!

We’ve successfully ensured hundreds of applicants with diabetes type 1 and type 2 whether they’re taking insulin or not.

What Makes Us Different?

We are the ONLY Website on the internet offering quotes based on the following specific factors.

  1. Type of Diabetes
  2. Height and Weight
  3. Average Glucose Reading
  4. Treatment

(Click on any of the above links for more details about each factor.)

You can see in our quote form above, that we provide quotes taking all of these factors above into consideration.

There are other factors insurance companies consider, such as tobacco use and other health conditions, but as far as diabetes goes, these are the primary factors used in determining your health rating and premium.  We’ll cover these as well as a few more in more detail below.

How Much a Diabetic Will Pay for Life Insurance

If you’re new to the process of trying to qualify for life insurance with diabetes, let’s review some of the main factors that will affect your pricing.

In life insurance, the name of the game is going to the insurance company that will give you the best rating, and we know which companies are the most forgiving with diabetics.  This is why we are regularly able to save diabetics up to 73% on life insurance.

Some of the factors that will affect your premium (in more detail) are:

  • The type of diabetes you have, whether it’s type one or type two – typically better rates are available for type 2
  • Your height and weight – If you compound diabetes with obesity, you will definitely get no better than a “sub-standard” rating.  But if you’re fit and just happen to have diabetes, better rates are available.
  • Type of treatment – We successfully insure diabetics on insulin or on oral meds, as long as they are taking their meds as recommended by their doctor.  In fact, the type of treatment is not nearly important as the fact that you are compliant with your physicians orders.
  • How long ago you were diagnosed – If you’ve had diabetes for a long time (over 10 years), the chances that you’ll have complications due to diabetes are higher and won’t necessarily lead to a substandard rating, but make a Standard offer just a bit more unlikely.
  • Complications – If you’ve had foot or eye complications, or any other circulatory or nerve problems, you will most likely be declined for traditional coverage, but you can probably get a “graded life insurance” plan.  Call 877-996-9383 for details.
  • The age at which you were diagnosed – If you were diagnosed over age 40, you have a great shot at Standard or possibly a bit better.  If you were diagnosed prior to age 40 you will most likely get a mild table rating, which means the premium will be a bit higher than the Standard rate.  If you were diagnosed over age 60, you’re in great shape to actually be approved at better than Standard.  ING is one company who has been known to approve diabetes cases at Preferred in this situation with good control and absent of other health conditions.  Note, I’m not saying they do this every time or in every situation, but they have approved many of our diabetics at Preferred!
  • Your average glucose reading or A1c – This is the main factor.  If your diabetes is under good control (average reading around 130 or less), absent of other conditions and smoking, you usually can get Standard with most companies.  In terms of A1c, this should be below 7.5 for a Standard rating usually.

Other Types of Insurance with Diabetes

You might be looking for medicare supplement plans with diabetes.  While we are licensed to sell many types of insurance, like medicare supplements, health insurance, long term care, or disability plans, we do NOT specialize in these types of insurance.

For medicare supplement plans, advantage plan comparison and drug prescription plans, we recommend you visit our friends at Clear Medicare Solutions where you can compare medicare supplement plans using their quoter.

How to Get a Quote

To get a term or whole life insurance quote with diabetes, simply fill out our quote form above or call us at 877-996-9383.

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