Declined? We Can Get You Covered!

Written by Chris

Have you been declined for life insurance because of diabetes?

We specialize in high risk life insurance so don’t give up because we can help you if you have diabetes.

We can find you approvals at affordable rates for difficult cases.

Why We Can Get You Covered With Diabetes

The reason is because most people don’t know that some insurance companies are more lenient for people who have diabetes than other companies.

We find approvals at low premiums because we know who the best high risk life insurance companies are, and which one is the right one for each particular case.

Life Insurance Coverage for Diabetics

Diabetics can qualify for good coverage and even be qualified for the best life insurance rate premiums.  Here’s what you need to know about what insurance companies look for if you have diabetes.

1. Your Diabetes Treatment

If you’re able to keep your diabetes under control with diet and exercise, then that’s the best scenario.  Even so, maybe you have to take a pill or could be insulin dependent.  The main thing is that insurance companies like to see fewer meds for better ratings.

2. What’s Your ALC Level?

If your a1c level is lower than 7.0, that’s considered great news by many insurance companies, and if you have no other health issues, you could qualify for standard rates or possibly better.

If you have between 7.0 to 7.5 then this is considered average control, and you can still get insurance.

3. Other Medical Issues or Factors

If you smoke or are overweight, these health issues increase your risk factor as a diabetic and make you a higher risk to insure.

Or, if you have or have had any other medical issues such as heart disease or had a heart attack, this also increases the risk to insure diabetics, so you can still likely get covered but at a sub-standard rating.

4. What’s Your Age and How Long Since You Were Diagnosed?

Here’s something interesting.  An insurance company will give a better rating to people who are older when they are diagnosed with diabetes, and especially if they were diagnosed in the just past few years.

Why?  Because diabetes is a slow progressive disease.  Say for example that you’re 65 when you get diagnosed then the odds are more likely that something else is going to kill you before diabetes does.

Also, if you were just recently diagnosed, then the insurance company will want to wait at least a year before they even consider you for a policy.  They want to see if you stabilized and getter idea of your prognosis.

But, if you were diagnosed a number of years ago and have managed to stabilize and control the diabetes with few changes to your treatment, they will look at you more favorably.

There are other variables here but you can see there are some companies that will very likely possibly give you their best rating.

Diabetes’ Affect on Other Types of Insurance – Accidental, Medicare Supplements

Just because you’ve been declined for life insurance due to your diabetes, you can always get approved for an accidental death benefit policy, which does not take your health into account.  If you are nearing or over age 65, Medicare Supplement plans are also important to look into.  While supplement plans are our specialty, I understand diabetics shouldn’t have an issue qualifying for coverage.  Visit our friends at for more information about medicare advantage plans and drug prescription plans.

Next Step to Get Life Insurance

In summary, if you’ve been declined due to diabetes, don’t lose hope!  We can not only help find you coverage but we also help you find affordable life insurance.


Our sole mission is to help diabetics find the best, most affordable life insurance policy available to them. Get in touch with us for specialized assistance.

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