Types of Life Insurance

What kind of life insurance can you buy if you’re diabetic?

Honestly, the types are not really too different than the types of policies any other non-diabetic can buy.

There are some a number of options you can choose to suit your individual needs.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance is the most affordable life insurance policy you can get. Simply put, a Term Life Insurance policy only covers a lump sum non taxable death benefit. .

It’s called Term because even though you’re covered for life, life insurance companies sell in a packet of years such as 10, 20 or more years.

Term insurance can cover you for either short periods or longer periods such as when you are most vulnerable financially.

You can use it create an estate, provide for your children’s tuition, and use it to cover existing business loans or to handle estate taxes.

Additionally, there are many policies you can purchase which you can do without having to get a medical examination.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is also called ‘Permanent Insurance’.  It’s intended to cover you for life. It provides a complete insurance coverage package.

It consist of 2 components including death benefits that exist for the life of the policy. The death benefit is tax deferred which means that it cannot be taxed when it is paid out.

You also have the advantage of a cash accumulation.  This means a portion of your premium is set aside and invested by the insurance company in a tax sheltered investment account. Over time, it grows.  Like the death benefit, the cash accumulation is tax exempt.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is also a type of permanent insurance.  It’s similar to whole life but with a difference.

There are two features for this policy including death benefits and a cash value accumulation.

A portion of the premium is invested by the insurance company into an investment portfolio of your choosing. You are guaranteed a specific rate of return regardless how well the market does.  But, if your investments perform better than the minimal guaranteed amount of investment, you reap the benefits as well.

This is the big difference between universal life insurance and a whole wife policy. Why? With a whole life policy, you can’t change the premiums to suit the economic situation.

Business Life Insurance

This type of coverage is ideal for sole proprietors to cover their business and financial obligations should they die without causing a financial burden on the survivors.

There are a number of tax advantages. Most of the payouts a company receives when the company is the named beneficiary are tax deductable. The tax deduction advantages can be better spelled out by your insurance agent.

Business Life Insurance can be applied in a number of different ways including buy-sell agreements, employee benefit programs, key-man coverage, and guaranteeing a business loan

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

This form of coverage may of particular interest to people with diabetes.  This type of coverage is especially designed for people with high risk medical conditions who may not be accepted otherwise.

This policy is good for people aged 25-80 and can provide life insurance coverage for death benefits which range from $5000 – $25000 dollars.

Insurance Riders

In addition to the above policies you can also purchase the following riders to supplement and bolster your life insurance coverage.

These riders include:

Return of Premium – This rider will return the total amount of premiums you have paid during the life of the policy.

Life Insurance with Critical Benefits – A rider which is very much akin to long care coverage with some differences.

In summary, there’s no particular best type of life insurance for diabetics.  Each scenario is different.  Request a quote and we’ll call you with your options.